Knex Car - Emerald

Introduction: Knex Car - Emerald

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I built Emerald in March 2012, getting almost everything to fit in this car sure is a challenge. Front wheel steering, Four doors, Hood with prop rod, Trunk, Rear fold down seats, adjustable front seats, and sun roof. I had metal springs for the suspension at first, later I changed it stiff after seeing the front not working for years.

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Step 1: Base

I guess you can say this is my signature Base for every car, I've done other styles that was lighter, but couldn't fit any seats in the right spots.

Step 2: Rear Wheels

I made the arch at first for the springs, they were taken out then replaced with the white rods holding the axle in place.

Step 3: Geared Steering System

This Geared Steering System has problems, it will need to be tuned after this step and every time it's used.

Step 4: Dash Board, Bumper

The steering wheel is held in by Gravity.

Step 5: Front Body and Hood

Im trying to reduce pictures by showing multiple shots in different angles.

Step 6: Seats

Rear Seats connects in on the black clips, the front seats are on different rods for both independent adjustment.

Step 7: Rear Body

Best to show this in one piece.

Step 8: Trunk, Doors, Roof

The final additions to Emerald, What a Great Compact Car

Step 9: Random Picture

I'm showing off all my K'NEX Figures in front of a few cars for the fun of it, The Few knex cars are Emerald, Mustang, and Project Hot Rod.

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Really like the design of the car, the photos in the instructable look like they're really easy to follow too!


    4 years ago

    Nice collection!