Knex Car - Spider

Introduction: Knex Car - Spider

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Spider - built Aug 25, 2012.
4 Star Building Rate (Difficulty)
I built this thinking of a few cars with the engine in the trunk, by the time I was finished it looked almost like the stainless steel car from back to the future. Anyway, this is my first post on showing the Knex Cars I've built and recorded since 1999.

Step 1: Assembling Parts

Green 104
White 80
Blue 40
Yellow 35
Red 23
Grey 9

Dark Grey 35
Grey 36
Orange 19
Red 41
Green 46
Yellow 56
White 12
Purple 27
Blue 11

Blue Spacer (ugh) get enough...
Silver Spacer2
Black and Gold Chain Link 2
Peach Lock 28
Standard Tires with Pulley 4
Ball end connector 12
Open end connector 9
Rod connector 16 (any color)
Blue Black movable connection 2
Red gear 2
Dark Grey Gear 4
Blue Gear 2

Hopeful I listed this good enough, I have a picture above if you recognize pieces I miss worded. next time I'll research proper listing.

Step 2: Car Floor Board and Center Console

Pictures in order. I'm sure by you looking at the pictures, you can build without explanation. This not even the hard part.

Step 3: Steering System and Combind

Alright now it gets hard. I used the horizontal gear steering instead of the standard rod to connection or the 5 others I know of. This horizontal gear steering allows me to have the steering wheel off to the side while it moves the control arms from the center or other easy access spot. assembling and combining is shown. add grey rods at the end. (didn't show extras)

Step 4: Rear End

This will be an easy step, Combind as shown. Next will be the hard part.

Step 5: Engine

The first picture is the final look, there is a back panel that the engine holds on to, the picture didn't up load, but that back panel snaps on the white connectors in the back, the exhaust pipe hanger hooks on (blue rod in center of yellow), and the engine red gear sits on the blue gear attached to the axle,

Step 6: Seats, Roof, Hoods.

Last Step. The engine is not supposed to move the car, the car moves it. (extra looks and noise) well let me know if this was easy to figure out to build. I have many more cars sitting around the house as decoration.

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