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This is my knex castle that I built for a school project.  It is 3' 5 1/2" (1 meter, 5 1/2 centimeters) long and 2' 8 3/4" (83 centimeters) wide and 2' 9" (84 centimeters) tall at its highest point.  It is my design of a European medieval castle.  It took me about 18 hours, in a span of a few days, total.  We had a whole list of stuff that we had to put on our castle, but they were only mandatory in the blueprint.  I put most of them on the model but not the very detailed things.  It has a working drawbridge that goes over the imaginary moat and to the imaginary land around it.  There is also a postern gate (a side or less important gate/bridge) on the side of the castle.  There are 15 rooms and two staicases.  There's a bunch of other things that I will show in the instructable if you want to know more.

The castle is made up of about 5,496 pieces.

Step 1: The Towers and Outer Walls

The towers are actually called turrets, except the large inner tower which is called a donjon.

Step 2: Stairs

The stairs are so awesome that they deserve there own step.  There are two sets of staircases.  There is the spiral staircase, in one of the turrets, that gives access to all three floors of the castle.  There is also a small set of regular stairs that lead to the bailey, which is the courtyard. 

Step 3: Tour of the Castle

Today you get to take a tour of the castle!  No flash photography, please.

Step 4: Some Cool Pictures

These are some pictures that I took under the table through the glass.

Step 5: Castle Overview

This is an overview of my castle.  There are a lot of image notes.



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    your welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    This does seem very harsh for a school project but seriosly this is the BEST castle on instructables I love those stairs, the base, the kings bedroom spy windows and all the other freakishly good features!!!


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    Dude that's AMAZING! That got to be the best castle I've ever seen ot if k'nex! Time for me to start my castle ball machine! :-P

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    Everything else in the comment like, "Dude that's AMAZING! That got to be the best castle I've ever seen ot if k'nex!"