Knex Chain Elevator

Introduction: Knex Chain Elevator

A real-life commercial roped elevator made of knex. Feel free to make it as tall as you want

Step 1: The Base

The thing that holds it all up

Step 2: The Shaft

Feel free to make this part as much as you want. You might have to make a pattern with the supports that are on the inside.

Step 3: The Top

The machine's muscle. The coaster track acts as a guide rail for the elevator car. If you don't have track this length, you might have to make this part a little taller. Use yellow rods to make it half the length of a regular sized shaft part. Feel free to add in spacers for extra support on the axle

Note: on picture 3, the yellow connected with the two yellow rods on the end doesn't have to be there. I was going to add extra support, but it wasn't a perfect fit

Step 4: The Door Walls

These go on the bottom and close off the edges of the entrance to the car. Feel free to make these on the other stories if you'd like to

Step 5: The Car

This thing carries the people

Step 6: The Chain

The length of the chain should be proportional to the height of the tower. The orange connectors act as a counterweight to offset the weight of the car. If the black gears skip over a section of the chain, make the counterweight heavier

Picture 2: add these connectors to hook it up to the car

Step 7: Assembly

Start off with the base and the outer shaft parts. Connect the coaster track as shown. Make sure that the track is perfectly straight. It will work better if it's straight with out any curves on it. You will need more if you plan on making the tower taller. Also, make sure that the side without the strengthening red rods is on the front of the model

Step 8: Adding in the Car

Add two coaster cars. Doesn't matter if they have the notch on the bottom of them or not. FWI: this notch helps these kinds of coaster cars latch on the chain. The edges of the elevator car must be touching them as much as possible. The track may not be a perfect fit

Step 9: Adding the Top

Connect the top to the tower and connect the rest of the coaster track. Loop the chain around the black bears and make sure that it's going straight up & down with the ends of the chain lining up next to each other as it loops around the gears at the top up. Add the door walls in front of the doors at the bottom as well

Step 10: Done

You're done. If you have any questions, leave them down in the comments below and favorite this instructable if you liked it

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