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Introduction: K'nex Chair

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furniture made out of k'nex has always fascinated me, that's what motivated me to make this chair out of k'nex.

So let's get to business:
1: it can hold people up to a 100 kilogram (and maybe even more, but I haven't tried).
2: I think it sits quite comfortable.
3: It looks nice.
4: As you see in the second picture it's got quite normal distance proportions.
5: It's durable because if it breaks you can fix it easily, but you can't with a normal chair.

1: Sometimes the connectors on the rear end snap out, it has no consequences though.
2: the back is not incredibly strong, you can't lend back with too much force.

PS: zorry vor bed englisch, i vrom holland.

Parts list:
green rod: 159
white rod: 303
blue rod: 362
yellow rod: 262
red rod: 15
gray rod: 2

dark grey connector: 16
light grey connector: 0
orange connector: 8
red connector: 23
green connector: 5
yellow connector: 68
white connector: 80
purple connector: 258
blue connector: 172
tan connectors: 0
y-connectors: 0

TOTAL: 1733

Step 1: The First Leg

in this step you'll make the first leg,
it might seem the same as all the other legs but there are a few differences, you'll need to follow all the steps about the legs.

Step 2: The Second Leg

the second leg isn't different from the first leg except for one thing: the blue connecters in the third stage of the leg is on the other side as shown in the picture.

Step 3: The Third and Fourth Legs

the third and fourth legs are slightly different from the first two but they are exactly the same as each other.

Step 4: Assembly

In this step you'll assamble the legs.

Step 5: Making the Support

this is the support for the back of the chair.

Step 6: More Support

make these parts for more support

Step 7: Even More Support

follow the pictures and notes to make this.

Step 8: The Rear End

this is the rear end, look in the pictures how to attach it.

Step 9: Assembly 2

Step 10: The Rear End Part 2

make this part

Step 11: The Back of the Chair

this might be the most difficult step, pay attention to the pictures

Step 12: Assembly 3

here you see how to assemble the back and rear end part 2

Step 13: Fin

you're done, I hope the steps weren't to difficult.
have fun with your chair and thanks for reading

Mr Muggle



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    1 year ago

    dit is echt mooi ik heb hem meteen gebouwd. (helaas zaten er al mijn Knex stukjes in dus hij is alweer stuk).

    Just a suggestion put arm rest and then support the rear part by building trusses that connect to the arms it will support it

    I ran out of peices


    that thing lookt awesome. But man, that guy has a lot of knex: A chair, a ferris wheel and that looks like a ball machine in the background

    That guy also has quite a lot of time on his hands. Or maybe he works for the knex equivalent of Legoland. 

    knex and Lego actually do have a connection like where pieces are made and instructions too they also have competitions for building and designs and strength check out knex.com for more info

    yeah, and the ferris wheel is just the six foot ferris wheel, also made by the k'nex company

    Lol, they would need 100's of thousands of pieces to make a ball machine for that thing.