K'nex Christmas Present Decoration

Introduction: K'nex Christmas Present Decoration

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Be a pretend Santa with this easy-to build K'nex present decoration! Taking only about five minutes to build, this will make any Christmas tree look a little more festive with a present sitting nicely below it!

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Step 1: Parts

You will need:

-16 white connectors
-9 blue connectors
-10 orange diagonal "Y" connectors
-16 white rods
-2 black caps
-40 green rods
-2 grey rods
-6 green bendy rods

Step 2: Rows

Take four white connectors and one blue connector and connect them using green rods. Make sure the blue connector is facing the same direction as in the pictures! Repeat to get four rows. Also make a row of five blue connectors. Make sure they are facing in the exact same directions as in the picture!

Step 3: Building the Present

Arrange the rows as shown and connect them using green rods. Fill in all spaces using white rods.

Step 4: "Bows" Part One

Insert eight orange diagonal "Y" connectors where shown into the present. Next, add four green bendy rods as shown. Two bendy rods should cross over the other two in the center of the present.

Step 5: "Bows" Part Two

Take two green bendy rods and loop them at the top of the present as shown.

Step 6: Stand

Take a grey rod and attach it to an orange diagonal "Y" connector and a black cap. Repeat to get two pieces. Insert into the back of the present (the side without the green bendy rods) where shown.

Step 7: Done!

Congratulations! Your K'nex Christmas present decoration now complete! Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!

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