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This is a small wreath that will look good with your other Christmas decorations :-). It's mostly made of green connectors and white rods, plus red "berries" and a red ribbon at the bottom. I also included some fake lights. This only took a day to build. Fun fact: this Instructables uses 149 pictures.

This is an entry to a Knex contest. EDIT: it won 1st place in the contest!

This was also a first prize winner in the Homemade Holidays Contest, thanks to everyone who voted!


Step 1: Parts List

Before you begin building, gather all of these parts. There's only 10 kinds of pieces.   
Rods: 227
  • green-153
  • white-74
Connectors: 140
  • dark gray-1
  • light gray-4
  • red-22
  • green-109
  • white-4
Other: 15
  • Y clip-5
  • metallic blue clip-1
  • head cap-9

Total:  382

If you have all of those pieces, then let's get building!

Step 2: The Five Sections

You aren't building anything in this step. I'm just telling you what the five sections of the wreath are. They are the top, right, bottom, bottom left, and top left. The little decorations aren't included in these sections.

Step 3: The Top, Parts A-C

Okay, let's start off by building the top. You'll build parts A, B, and C. You'll combine them in the next step to complete the top. Everything will fit together like a puzzle.

Be sure to pay close attention to the pictures and image notes. Build everything exactly like it is in the pictures.

Step 4: Combining Parts A-C of the Top.

Combine the parts you built in the last step.

Step 5: The Right, Parts A-D

In this step, you're building the right section of the wreath. It's divided up into four parts. Don't combine them yet, that's for the next step!

Step 6: Combining Parts A-D of the Right

Combine parts A, B, C, and D to complete the Right.

Step 7: Combining the Top and Right

In this step you'll combine all of what you have built so far. These sections attach to each other in two places.

Step 8: The Bottom, Parts A-C

Build parts A, B, and C. Don't worry about combining them.

Step 9: Combining Parts A-C of the Bottom

Now you'll combine parts A-C to complete the Bottom.

Step 10: Adding the Bottom to the Model

In this step, attach the Bottom to what you have built so far. The bottom connects to the rest of the model in one place. It should look like a backwards C when you're finished.

Step 11: The Bottom Left, Parts A-B

You'll build parts A and B in this step.

Step 12: Combining Parts A-B of the Bottom Left

Now you'll attach part A and B together to complete the Bottom Left.

Step 13: Adding the Bottom Left to the Model

Connect the bottom left section you just built to the model. It's attached to the bottom in two places.

Step 14: The Top Left, Parts A-C

Build parts A-C, but don't attach them to each other yet

Step 15: Combining Parts A-C of the Top Left

Attach parts A, B, and C to each other to complete the Top Left.

Step 16: Connecting the Top Left to the Model.

Connect the top left section to what you've built so far. The Top Left connects to the Bottom Left in one place. It connects to the Top in two places. If you don't want to add the decorations, which I highly recommend building, than you're done! If you do want decorations, move on.

Step 17: Fake Lights

In this step you will add the "lights". They don't have to be in the same places as in the pictures. You don't even have to put them in there at all. :-P Just slide them onto the tips of the white rods.

Step 18: Ribbon

Now you can build the ribbon, which goes on the bottom of the wreath. Just build and connect it to the dark gray connector and let it hang.

Step 19: You're Done, Yay!

Hooray! You just finished building my Christmas Wreath! As always, feel free to ask questions, leave comments, and rate!

If you built it, send me a picture, and I'll add it to this step!

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Thanks for viewing!

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2 years ago

Sorry, I don't have the time to build something like that right now, as I'm pretty busy with other projects, one of them being the element instructions for Citadel. Perhaps instead you can make your own machine with some of those elements in it.

4 replies

Reply 2 years ago

Citadel is my favorite ball machine that I've ever seen and I've seen probably over 5000 ball machines (some of them not on instructables)!!!!! That thing is incredible!!!!! How do you do it?


Reply 2 years ago

Haha, thanks man! Lots of the planning was done when I was bored in school classes. I would just sketch out elements while class went on. There wasn't much planning to do on paper for the machine itself though.


Reply 2 years ago

Ok. I don't need you to make one anymore. I'm in the process of making one because I got a little more k'nex.


2 years ago

I'll make this on December 1.

This will be great for Christmas!!!

2 replies

Reply 2 years ago

These are the instructions, so you should be able to go through the 19 steps. Just as a warning though, it can get complicated at times because all the sections look similar to each other.

The Knex Inventor

2 years ago

Nice model! I'd build it, but I don't have enough green connectors. :-(


4 years ago on Introduction

I guess this is gonna be popular this month... :)

Be a shame if someone picked it off the door on Christmas though... lol

1 reply

4 years ago

I hope I have enough green connectors! If I do, ill definitely hang this on my room door! :D

1 reply

Sounds great! If you don't have enough, you could try making it with a different color, like yellow, grey, or purple. :-P


8 years ago on Introduction

hmmmmm i will have to check if i have enough green connectors

hope i do:)