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Intro: Knex Claymore Instructions

Hello Guys! I wanted to post the instructions for my claymore before christmas, so here it is! By the way, the previous "quick view" was wrong. For the claymore to work properly, there are two more layers needed. Now note, that i ran out of orange connectors so the blue rods, and some of the yellow connectors are meant to be orange connectors. So! Get out your knex bucket, play some music, and get ready to build!

Step 1: Layer 1

So this layer is pretty simple. you'll need two broken blue rods however, so keep that in mind.

Step 2: Layer 2

The second layer. final broken peice.

Step 3: Layer 3

Step 4: Layer 4

Almost Done! KEEP GOING!

Step 5: Layer 5

This is the layer that has the gap for the orange rods.

Step 6: Layer 6

Next, put this on

Step 7: The Important Step

The flap part of the claymore. the oranges should have tape on the back to keep the green rods in them.

Step 8: The Cover

Step 9: Loading + Extras

Putting rods in the holes to make the claymore stronger. Rubber bands. Lastly make this little stand to put your claymore on.



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