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Introduction: Knex Climbing Frame

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No no no! Dont get all excited like, ZOMG, A FULL SIZE CLIMBING FRAME FROM KNEX OMG OMG OMG!

Because no, its only a small model, compatible sizes with the knex men you get in some sets, and most action figures will work with it too.

This climbing frame is just something that i decided to build, I had completed my design in about an hour. I was just think up things to build and the first thing that popped into my head was when i was in first grade and we built playground rides, and i remember building a swing set, and that is where this idea came from.

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    wow very nice if the idea wasn't enough this is so clean and good looking so i like it!

    Awesome =) 5* very original alot better than mine :) awesome cool i like it... e.t.c.

    This is cool and all, but why such a high rating? I'm not hating on it I rated it a 4 too :)

    2 replies

    great idea! i might try to build one some time. (but it wont be as good as this lol)

    to be honest i think this is your best ible, cause its simplicity! great work! 5*

    Very cool, 5*. I love this idea. My friends friend attempted to make a slide once, but failed, so your is much better designed and fun. I never thought of buillding this