K'nex Colt M16A2




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K'nex colt m4.

Shoots rubber bands.

I see alot of assault rifles on instructables and i see that they are all about having 10-15 boxes of k'nex. So i made this!!

Please feel free to mod.
just put my name in the "special thanks" space. LOL!!!

Step 1: Barrel

Step 2: Stock

It's "a little bit" floppy

Step 3: Mechanism And.... Well I Dont Know What Its Called But U Will See

Shooting mech. , trigger and mag.

Step 4: Put All That 2gether and U Should Have This

Step 5: Loading the Gun



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    8 Discussions

    Doc Penguin

    4 years ago

    im dissappointed it only got 80 views.


    The overall shape is okay, especially the barrel.
    If you have enough K'nex, you might want to fill it in a bit more, though. And maybe make the stock slant, and handle, angle a bit more realistic.
    But, for the amount of pieces used in it, it's pretty good!

    4 replies
    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    Well you got the shell lets just put some guts in it and maybe put a little more innovative trigger in it