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Hello all, this is my latest creation: A Colt Model 733 Commando. It was built as a model, not a shooter, and uses the reciever from MotaBoi's M4 and the carrying handle from Barrax's M4 as well.
Please rate and comment, and in the future i may risk an instructable and/or slideshow for further details!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nah. Score-based stuff is much better. It rewards players for acting as part of a team, acomplishing both team and personal objectives, as well as killing opposing players.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    battlefield is better then cod 1
    battlefield 2 is better then cod 2
    battlefield 1943 is better then cod 3
    battlefield modern combat is better then cod modern warfare
    battlefield bad company is better then cod world at war
    battlefield bad company 2 is better then cod modern warfare 2
    battlefield bad company 2 vietnam is better then cod black ops

    DONE!( there are still some more battlefields but to mutch to place in the versus)

    9 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    well, explain this. How come call of duty, which has been going for a similar time to Battlefield, hasn't got the following things in it's games:
    Proper Vehicle usage
    Destructible environments
    Proper particle physics (i.e. smoke not going through walls, bullet drop)
    Servers that don't crash
    Game lobbies that aren't randomly closed
    Smart, team-orientated players.

    smart team oriented players lol this is a game dont get to carried away if they want to play cod let them but the players are the same.the different concept for battlefield than call of duty calls for different strategies, such as the team pulling together but anyone can do this even cod players.i guess thats why they made 'operation metro' and TDM in bf3 so the cod player can have a chance of winning

    Actually, yes i have, i played Battlefield for a good half hour, didnt like it, but the ONLY thing i did like was running and reloading at the same time.

    you can't experience true Battlefield gameplay until you have at least played several hours worth of gametime. Then you realise that it is a very good series.

    How do you know ill realize, not everybody is the same, some people like other things then other people, if we all liked the same thing, then life would be boring, nothing to dislike about each other, and nothing to compare anything about.

    i dont know why poeple argue theyre the same genre but not the same game they both take implements form each other to try get better , but battlefields is a slower paced game and vehicular based , cod is more twitchy and very fast paced it relies more the individual rather than the team actually working together , cod is more like a action movie and battlefield a documentary , however battleifield 3 in my balanced opinion is better than mw3 but battlefield has alot of community issues and EA are not reliable when it comes to that , however cod is very successful as we know and is in the record books for its advertising campaign and debut selling rate , its the fast paced action and the reliablility that nothing will change this fast pace action, is what keeps the players coming back however it is cods downfall as mw3 has been regarded as the "same thing again" just new things added but in my opinion the "same thing" what is the "same thing" is it the concept of the game? , becuase theyre hardly going to change it to aliens vs predators are they.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Same with the BC2: Vientam rant.
    BATTLEFIELD 2 was released TWO YEARS before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released. TWO YEARS. Bad Company, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 are all based upon the award-winning format of Battlefield 2, NOT copies of the Modern Warfare series which was released AFTER Battlefield 2.
    Im getting tired of players thinking that earlier games of mulitiple series are copies of more "successful" series without doing their homework.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, but that don't mean every other FPS is a copy of Call of Duty


    8 years ago on Introduction

    nobody (except EA guys) knows yet. But it's safe to assume its gonna be someting similar to the storyline of Battlefield 2.