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Introduction: Knex Colt Peacemaker

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I'm a big fan of the Colt Army SA revolver, just because of it's classyness and the fact it's a revolver, so here is my version of it!

zombiekiller for the handle,
Blue Mullet 2 for the original revolver
lukewilliams for the thing you pull down to make the cilinder to round



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    not with that aditude mister nunnuts
    also it has been broken up u fook

    Very nice, I love how slim it is. There is only one thing that bugs me, and that is "the thing you pull down to reload." Is not on a Colt Peacemaker. The lever thing is for ramming the bullet into the chambers. The Peacemaker didn't need it, since it used to metallic cartridges. Don't worry about it, the gun still looks great.

    But since thats the worst thing I can say about this, you must have done a very good job on this revolver. XD

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    can I have your dog? your corgi was the spark to my love for corgis Now lol

    Haha, nope. ;)

    Corgis have been my favorite dog breed for a while. So cute.

    Those are good dog breeds too. :)
    People tend to think that my corgi is a Shepard puppy... I get so tired of explaining that he isn't.

    ah yeh sorry forgot that I'll put you in the credits straight away c: