Knex Combat Knives


Introduction: Knex Combat Knives

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I posted this instructable a few days ago but took it down because the pictures were messed up. Tell me if they are good in the comments.

I was looking around instructables and realized that there aren't many good knex knives out there (moxxs knives are great) so I set off to make them

You can probably make them from the pics but ask in the comments for clarification.

Currently: working on a turret pistol/rifle Collaboration maybe



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    4 Discussions

    good concept
    but(yep sorry buddy)
    they look to heavy and not sturdy enough to make it as 'combat knives'
    would go nice as a byonet tho

    I like your new profile picture! BTW kewl knife :)

    Cool knife :) Somehow I was unsubscribed again :/