K'nex Competitor 5 Review

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Intro: K'nex Competitor 5 Review

JohnnyBGood's competitor 5 is a hammer powered gun that shoots grey clips from preloadable magazines. I was able to get ~30-45 ft out of the gun but you might get more or less. The gun is kind of fragile and isn't very reliable but is a very good concept gun and is also just plain cool!

My overall opinion on the gun is that it is good preforming and looking but was released too early and wasn't quite finished.

Range: 35 ft

Mech: hammer

Mag: grey clips removable mag

YouTube review link: https://youtu.be/vefJAtG-ZKI



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    2 years ago

    I admitted in the ible this wasn't the performer I wanted it to be. However I'm glad you as many still enjoy the appearance of it =D

    sonic broom

    2 years ago

    I built this gun a while ago it was pretty good but we really need to get some more good hammer action guns.