Knex Concealed Pen Gun

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Hi guys creepersoldier55 here! Back with another knex weapon. If you want to James Bond or B. Scare your little brother, then the knex pen gun is for you!
It uses very little parts but it does use some cut parts.
Anyways let’s get to it!
Pick 1-the “pen”
Pick 2-the reloading chamber
Pick 3-what it shoots
Pick 4-diagram

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Step 1: Piece Count

Time for piece count aka the most painful part for me.
Green rods:4+one for ammo
White rods:3
Yellow rod:1
Red cut rods:3
Red rod:1
Orange connectors:3
Yellow connectors:2
Red connectors:6
Grey connector:1
Special parts
Black Y shaped connectors:2
Cut red

Step 2: The Mechanism

Just follow

Step 3: Tip and Barrel

Just follow

Step 4: How to Load

Watch carefully

Step 5: End

Good job if you need help reply and I’ll help anyway here is your cake



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    3 months ago

    The classic block trigger returns