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Introduction: Knex Concept: Shotgun Pistol

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So this is nothing new about a shotgun in the form of a pistol. But, this is somehting a little different. Usually this pistols have 2-3 mags that you load up with rounds. This gun has one mag, in the handle. When you pull the ram back once it loads 2 grey clips into the barrel and fires them. I haven't seen a shotgun pistol before with one mag. So I think this was something worth making. It also has awesome sights. I will post if asked.


Mag in handle
Iron sights
True trigger
Easy to load


can sometimes jam



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    Yes and no. I mean a mag thats only wide enough for one roundat a time. Your can fit three at a time but is more difficult to load. Also, mine is in the handle.

    This is very cool. =D I think that this is the first shotgun pistol with the magazine in the handle. 5 stars.

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    I can get abot 40 feet with 2 7-inch file bands. Then bullets get about a 1-1/5 foot spread.