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Introduction: Knex Concepts 11

About: I paint, write music, and used to build knex guns. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. - updated 5/7/2014

8-Barreled Semi-Auto: This one is better understood in images, so I won't get into describing it too much. Fires a yellow rod from eight block trigger barrels one after another (from left to right in the drawn example). Would get 50 feet of range easily. -by Oblivitus



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    Uhhh this seems like it would be a bit impractical, especially next to the design you've been working on. Also, psuedo :P

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    Yeah. But this design is something that people have been trying to do for a long time. And it gets 50 feet of range. I was also thinking you could cock 4 barrels at a time if you only put one elastic on each and then mag feed them for a high rate of fire. It could do some cool stuff. But yes, much less potential than what I'm working on now. It's just a variant of the trigger I've been working on.

    I still feel like it gets really clunky for what it does, but at least you're being creative with all this(and I dig the firing mechanism). I can always appreciate your interest in the mechanics of everything you work with.

    Thank you. People shouldn't censor their ideas, only allowing in the ones they deem useful. It's counter-productive to getting a full understanding of any given subject. Proliferation is a key to success. You've got to consider those 10 ideas to find the one that works.

    Indeed, good sir. Too true that people don't explore their minds enough sometimes. Though, I must say that I actually sometimes go against that and will do everything I can to try and make something that doesn't work function properly...but that's just stubbornness haha.

    It's best to turn around when you see a dead end sign. Driving off the end of the road and continuing into the forest generally doesn't help. :)

    I used to agree! But then one day I wound up in the forest and had a picnic with Smokey the Bear, and I must say that it was quite a nice experience. He looks real cranky with the forest fire thing, but he's a mellow guy when you sit down and have a crappy ham sandwich with him.

    Excellent. It's semi-auto now. I'll show version 8 when it's finished. It might be the version to get 30 feet of range firing several rounds in a row. This concept is actually based on the trigger from version 8.

    Great. It does take a lot of parts though. It's still a green rod thick at the center of the gun.