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Introduction: K'nex Contraption Project - Cosmos

This is my latest contraption to date. It is still in progress and is set to be completed by Dec. of 2015 or 2016. Currently the contraption features several unique elements and expands across the entire room. It is the largest, most complex and most interactive contraption that I have constructed. This project is intended to tell a unique story as one follows the K'nex balls through an intertwining maze of different pathways. Currently there are only two ways that are 100 percent complete and many more in progress. The giant loop is the main attraction so far and is the center of attention in this design. Many more elements will take on their important positions in this universe of K'nex as they are created. Below is a video of one of my favorite and most innovative ideas ever- The Trampoline Shower, which is set up high in a centralized location on the machine to illuminate its prominence in this contraptional design. Enjoy!



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    Aha, I love this style of machine! The giant loop is awesome, I love massive elements like that. Will it circle the entire room when it's done?

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    My brother came home for the holidays and had no idea I was building a new creation. I told him I was planning a giant loop and he instantly put it together in about ten minutes haha

    Thanks! it was funny actually, when I first started building, I was intending on one track to have done by christmas 2014, that went from the chain lift by the piano all the way to the spiral lift by the stairs and around the back of the room over the couch and loop around, but then I realized it was a lotta structure for one way. I wish I had an endless supply of red and gray rods but most likely this will be the extent of the machine. I will continue to fill in the empty spaces in front of the window and piano with more elements and tracks! I love your latest creations- The Kinetic Energy one, I just saw it for the first time about a month ago!

    Thanks everyone. I've got a lot of work to do on it but I am very pleased with the amount I got done over the holiday break. Id say its roughly one third of the way complete. It most likely will not get any larger, just more filled in

    Looks great!

    This is looking awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing this done! :D