Knex Cool Ball

Introduction: Knex Cool Ball

This is just a cool knex ball thing when I was board fun to mess around with

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Step 1: Base

Take 8 white sticks and connect like shown

Step 2: Middle

Take eight white sticks, eight orange connectors and the tan connectors and one circle connector and do as shown

Step 3: Top

Take eight of the orange things in the pic above and use four green polls. Eight white polls. And one circle. Take four wheels as shown and put on green polls. Make sure there tight.

Step 4: Center and Final Steps

Take the two green things and put them in the top part of the ball. Take a long grey poll and one gear and follow the pictures

Step 5: Base

You just make a square and take long flexible pieces with a circle connector on top Slide the finished balls poll in the hole on the base

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