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Introduction: Kne'x Cornershot

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Surprise I'm back!

In my vacation I decided to dig up my Kne'x because an idea had been swimming in my head fo the past year or more and I simply didn't have time to ty it out. I've seen one other cornershot on this site and I didn't really like the fact that the bend had a giant gaping hole in it. So I decided to make one myself. What this gun basically is is a Lt. Licoice on some hinges (I know that.) :)

The gun has some stability issues when bent, but it functions and shoots even when bend both ways. The stock is very simple and easily removed as I was aiming for an indoor gun. Tell me what you guys think!

I will post this when I have time, probably somewhere around next weekend


expect some delay in posting this. when I finally had taken all pictures and loaded them on my laptop, it decided to fry the harddrive. So I have to take all pictures again.




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    had de ramrod er nooit in gebouwt, t koste nogal wat stukjes en ik had niet veel vertrouwen in de knik en trekker

    Ehmm omdat zwaartekracht :D nadat mijn harde schijf was gefrituurd waar alle foto's op stonden, is hij gevallen en bij het mechaniek volledig uit elkaar geklapt. Ik heb geen idee meer hoe het precies zat en heb het op het moment nogal druk

    Hij ziet er inderdaad nice uit!
    Hoe sterk is de trekker ongeveer? Die ziet er wat fragiel uit, maar voor de rest is ie top!

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    Bedankt! En daar heb ik nog geen last van gehad. vooral omdat daar één elastiekje voldoende is. Het zwakke punt is het gewricht.

    Haha thanks! I had the font half of that gun still lying around because it's such a pain to take apart, and just started working from there.

    Its been a while.....Coll gun nevertheless.