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Introduction: Knex Crank Full Auto

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A fully automatic knex gun, inspired by Extreme Builder. It has a removable magazine for grey connectors. Also, it does fire slowly due to gear reduction, but not that slowly, it's just my cranking speed.

Step 1: Handle

A basic handle.

Step 2: Mag

Just the same as the mag on my other gun.

Step 3: Bits and Pieces

Supports for the handle, mag, firing pin, and rails.

Step 4: Main Body, Crank, Gears, and Mechanism

The biggest and hardest step: shadows prevented me from using flash, and without the flash it's not as detailed.

Step 5: Connection

Connecting all of the parts.

Step 6: Finished!

You're finished! I'm not responsible for any injuries.



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    Not a bad mech but it doesn't look great. It needs to look more like a gun. Other than the looks I like it.

    Is that all you can say? You know thats bullshxt, either you do, or you are just infinitely arrogant.

    when someone says i know what u r but what am i u say "i would tell u but it'd make u cry."

    Sorry about the lack of a video. I'm not sure if I can make videos on my camera. I'll have to rebuild it, anyway.

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    You need to click 'reply' or else he won't get notified about your response. I can see you have been replying like this before, just letting you know, it won't come up on their orangeboards.