Knex Cross Bow Center Fire (instructions)

Introduction: Knex Cross Bow Center Fire (instructions)

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I'm not going to talk about this so go to the original post.
Warning don't shoot inside it leaves holes in your wall

Step 1: Limbs

Step 2: Main Barrel

Step 3: Body

Step 4: Stock

Step 5: Assembly

Step 6: Details

Step 7: Fire!



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    Made this a long time ago. It looks really nice, but the bow kept snapping on me. :-(

    wow! it's so cool

    I really love this crossbow. To be honest, I don't really know why, but it just intrigues me. I didn't have enough pieces, (I have my semi-auto, bullpup, shotgun, and RPG built), but I was able to build it without the stock, (which doesn't effect the guns performance anyway). The trigger is a great mech., and I hope you keep building!

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    So, I looked at your pics of the mech, and my suggestion right now would be to try and build a bit more of the gun so you can see if there is more space for a different mech, (if you need one). As for what you have right now, I think you're trying to create a bolt action pump shotgun. I am not an expert in this, but I can say that I think it looks pretty good, BUT I feel you should build a trigger next. You're doing really good, and a magazine and trigger is all you need.

    However, I fail to see what you need help with? If you could just tell me, I could help you more, and if you want to, I would ask JonnyBGood about this too, because he's made a bolt action, pump action shotgun before.

    Sorry the instructions are a little rushed this was the 3rd time I tried to publish and it finally worked. When I did it the first time it was much better but would not post:(