Knex Cross-bow V3 a Work in Progress




Introduction: Knex Cross-bow V3 a Work in Progress

Hello there, I'm blockabloke I build guns out of K'nex. I am also planning on building LEGO guns ...

This is just a re-cap of what I've been doing. Now I will make a instuctable as soon as it's finished. I'll Probably Add some stuff that makes it more powerfull. As you can see in the photo i'm trying to make it a bit like Knexfreek' s Final stand but only the top rail part. just check it out and you'll know what I mean. To see how it turns out please Subscibe :D



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    Looks awesome and I can't wait for the instructable to be released! Thanks so much for following me and taking a look at my stuff. Love your Knex builds!

    nice bow and ty for following me!

    This crossbow looks great and it has to be your best. The structure not only looks strong but looks awesome

    Nice man I've made it from the pics and you need something to hold the arrow straight

    I'mm going to make a V4 and it's going to be the final edition. so please tell me what I should add or take away. Mabye a name for it or something? Some of My ideas are to add some sort of pump action mech, a better hand grip, a turret mabye, scope,A different handle to make it A more moden style cross-bow, think about interesting ammo types. So yeah if people want to have there say on how V4 should turn out please comment bellow .