Knex Crossbow CENTER FIRE

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Hello instructables I'm back with my new center fire cross bow. I know you all don't care about me rambling on about how great this crossbow is so ill get to the stats. But I'm going to talk about it anyway :) the main reason I built this is because there is not many light weight long range and half way accurate crossbows out there. I have built a couple crossbows on the site and all were ridiculously heavy so my main goal was make it light. It weights 1.6 pounds. Here's some stats.

Long range (200+ feet with fin ammo and a tail wind, or 100 feet in regular conditions and regular ammo)
Features acu ammo which gets shorter range but higher accuracy
Looks epic
Half way accurate (can it a can 50 feet away easily)
Strong limbs
Slick look
Slow reload time

Did I do better on my pictures? Please leave me some feedback, your feedback helps me build better guns.



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    4 years ago

    Why would you say that to it center fire? Do you have a clue what that is? Rifles are center fire because of where thi pin hits the primer at the rear end of the shell, why do you kennects builders bullshit so much?

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    Lucas The Bosssxcgreekboi_24

    Reply 4 years ago

    I know what a center fire rifle is, in fact I own 5 of them. I own a Remington 700 30-06, a browning a bolt 308, a browning lever action 7mm-08, a Henery 44mag lever action, and a savage 243. All center fire. Secondly I know this thing is not a center fire, just thought it sounded cool. And third of all it is called Knex not kennects, I thought that if you had such a problem with the title you could at least spell it right you dumbass. And my final statement I probably know a whole lot more about center fire rifles than you ever will so shut up and quit pissing off knexers.

    You just go to my profile and go right above this crossbow and it will say center fire cross bow instructions, then you break out ur Knex and get building

    Really cool have you seen some of the crossbows I've made ,their not really as good as your but you have seen my compound bow I made and Mabey I can help you bye showin you how you could Mabey put the cam system on your crossbows if you want

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    Na it's cool man the reason I don't have cams is I used bending limbs and this system gets more range than it would if you put cams on it. I will definitely use cams on feuture projects though! Thanks for your feedback:)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is really amazing. It makes me wanna build a bow...I haven't built one yet, and I think it would be pretty fun. Overall though, I'm sorry to say that I think you should post the range of a regular everyday shot, that you could go outside and shoot right now. Otherwise, when people build it, they'll complain and accuse you of lying. From reading previous comments, I understand you shot with finned ammo and with the wind. Other people might not do that, and I think that you should post that it gets a little under 100 ft with regular ammo. If you want to, you can add that it gets 200+ with finned ammo. Sorry idf I seem rude, but this is merely my input. Nice bow!

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    Ok great, you might have to change the stock to your liking. The only thing I would want you to give a shot at is, make the barrel more sturdy, it can bend a bit. I could not find a solution for this. My main goal was make it light so strength got put on the back burner. I will try and get instructions up in about a week! Yay nobody has Ever wanted to build my guns.

    Haha I don't see why people wouldn't want to build them. They're all pretty good. Yeah I'll try and see what I can do about the barrel and stock. Can't wait for the instructions. :)

    Ok I will try and change it and put 100 ft but 200 ft in good condition and fin ammo. Would you build this if I posted instructions?

    Oh for sure. I might mod it a bit to my liking or comfort, but yeah, I would definitely build it. It's a good gun.


    4 years ago

    Ahhh.... a bow lol. I remember the last bow I built. it was the ditto bow. when I tried maxing it out the bow arms snapped off and hit me in the chest, knocked the wind right out of me. That was the day I decided I'll leave bows to the experts. I'll stick to guns, good job on the bow though, looks good!

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    Lucas The BossJonnyBGood

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks that happened to me a couple times. I was inpatient the bow was not finished and I was determine I was going to shoot so the limbs snapped off and nailed me in the cheek.

    When I got 209 feet I had 9 ruberbands on it and fin ammo I did not like the fin ammo because it is hard to load on this set up and very inaccurate. The reason I did it was because I was trying to get max range out of it. I had different limbs on it and I shot it with a tail wind. If I went outside and shot it right now, it would get a little under 100 feet. I did not lie, I have only got 200+ feet twice. I guess it is exaturated but not a lie. I mean I was shooting it in my house and it left a hole in my wall. Thanks for your feedback though, at least people are telling me what they think now and not just putting nice or great job. Thanks though! :) (I did lie on my first guns range but that's it.)

    Lucas The BossmyOmy

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    It really does get 200+ feet I just added a lot more ruberbands than what is in the pics. I got 209 feet on one shot but the limbs snapped under pressure but it did get 209 feet. Thanks anyway! :) (would you build this if I posted instructions?)