Knex Crossbow Pistol



I was surfing Instructables to find some sort of "Crossbow Pistol" , but was unsuccessful in finding a decent one to build, so I built my own. It's pretty crude, since I spent about 30 minutes thinking up and actually slapping the thing together, so it's pretty open for mods (if you want). Here's the Pros/Cons:

-Compact in size (sort of)
-Not a scary piece count
-Gets a relatively great range for it's size (I think around 30-50 feet with 1 64 , apprx.)
-Ammo holder !! yay :D
-Trigger just about never jams
-Little to no protruding excess of rods

-Outer plates may slice up the trigger rubberbands :S
-Uses just one broken piece (optional to put it on)
-Slow-ish reload time :P
-First creation, dont hate xD

Lemme see what you guys think! I'll post it if you want, and dont forget to comment!



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