K'nex Cube (with Round Edges)





Introduction: K'nex Cube (with Round Edges)

How cool is it to have a cube made from K'nex? Yes, very cool. Within just a minutes you can have one on your desk. So let's begin.

Step 1: Count the Pieces

This are the "ingredients" you need.
you can swap all the parts for another pieces with another colour (except the orange 45° angles pieces)
if you have everything, we can begin the construction.

note: you need those orange angled ones to make this as cool as possible,
you can order them on knexusergroup.

Step 2: Make the Basics

Ok, so make all these basic parts.
you should have 8 little grey rods left.
Those will be used in the end.

Step 3: Putting Basics Together

now make these four parts.
they're all build the same, just rotated for different angle views.

Step 4: Building the Cube

put two parts from step-3 together as shown.
then add the two black connecters with 4 oranges pieces on each side.
then the remaining step-3 parts.
the last part is the hardest to put in. my recommendation is to first connect the black rods, then the orange angled pieces.
there are many more ways to get the job done, so feel free to use your own.

Step 5: The Finishing Push

the only thing left are the edges.
they're so addicting to pull out only just to push them back in.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
I see you in the comments section.



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    16 Discussions

    Scared to build this.... Looks too much like a puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies.



    2 years ago

    Hey, looking good! You could even make a dice of that, by adding more "3D angle clips" in the black 8-way connectors :)
    Or you could open 1 side up, to put small pencils in it. I like it!

    6 replies

    thanks. can you explain in more detail how you imagine a dice version of this?
    that pencil idea sounds great, you just have to make the cube a little higher so they don't fall out easily.

    That's why I said: "small pencils" ;) otherwise they'd fall out :) But the corner idea is good!

    I had the following in mind:


    oops, I totally overread that xD
    @photo, that's brilliant, but nothing less expected from someone who can make the millennium falcon with k'nex ;)
    I'm going to add step with extra's and put this idea in it

    I just realize that IKEA pencils would do great!
    :o Don't make me blush! I don't do much specialy actually, just try and try with different parts and eventually something works. Having unique parts (in contrast to having A lot parts) and thinking out of the box (or the dice ;) helps too. Like you did with extending the silver rods to make them fit the holes, it's a great start!

    don't make you blush?! Man, you're an amazing builder with a lot of creative solution thinking, I saw your latest instructable, and that feeling of being in a totally different kind of K'nex mastery level grows very strong right now.

    You say that you're just trying until it works, do you see yourself as a "dogged does it" kind of person?

    In my next visit to Ikea I'm going to make a picture for this instuctable. Hopefully the employees won't interupt me :p

    Now you've done it! :$ (haha, thanks man ;)
    Well, I just like to show people and the community what is possible, what they thought impossible (and myself too, since I highly doubted the Millennium Falcon was possible)

    Hmm, to see if a build is feasible, I always start with the most difficult part. Then I try to make the rest work. It takes time. Also leaving your model for a week is okay, and then when you wake up, you suddenly know how to make a certain part :)

    Hahaha, oh yeah, IKEA pencils. Perhaps they will feature it in the catalogue ;)

    I forgot to mention that I too, love the orange 3D connectors and the Y-shape clips ("clip with rod end", as I call them) They're really the most versatile pieces.

    Very cool! I wish I had some of those orange connectors

    thank you :) tomorrow I'll upload another cube, that one will be a bit tinier