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About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.
Hi there. 
I recently saw a k'nex replica of the DSR-50 sniper rifle. I really like how the real version looks, the replica not so much (no offence to the maker of it). So Yesterday I decided to make one myself, which I finished today.
Some info about the real gun:
- Bolt action, bullpup sniper rifle
- Chambered in 7.62x51 mm NATO, .338 Lapua Magnum
- 990 mm long
- Fully adjustable stock end and cheek rest
- Adjustable foregrip
- Bipod that folds over the top of the barrel

About my version:
- Replica of the 7.62x51 mm version
- Fixed stock and foregrip
- Fake bolt action
- Removable magazines
- No bipod (instead, I made the thing where normally the bipod attaches to the front iron sight)
- Accepts scope and iron sights
- Movable trigger
- Doesn't shoot
- Looks pretty decent IMO, and is full size

I hope you like this gun, and please tell me what you think


The mag release in the back isn't good, I need to replace that one



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    WOAHOHOHO! YEAH! it would be even cooler if the front mag worked, like if you can switch the firing mech front the back mag to the front mag.

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    Making the front mag work could probably be done in some way, though I'm not good with firing mechs in replica's

    Maybe you should make a mechanism as small as possible first, than make realistic walls and details. Start with the center with mech and mag, than add a nice barrel, a stock if needed, and sights and details.

    Hey, Dr. Richtofen! Can I call you Mike?

    Anyways, I've uploaded my two projects as a from topic. To all that are interested: https://www.instructables.com/community/DarkOwlKnex-Project-Update-One/

    I'm sorry for the spam, but, alas, I'm a noob at instructables and can't seem to find another way to contact you. Oh, and I'm a homestuck fan. :3 I hope that doesn't clash with you being a brony.

    1 reply

    Hi :D Sure!
    I've taken a look at them. Left a comment on the post.

    Being a homestuck fan doesn't clash with my brony-ness. I've heard about HS, being a comic like thing, but I personally never read it, so I don't know what it is about

    I'm having difficulty replying, so sorry about that first of all, Dr. Richtofen. it wants me to answer the captchalogue box when I reply, but the captchalogue box simply isn't there.

    To answer, you question, I have a pretty interesting Oodammo pistol in the works. The mag tilts and locks on friction. Secondly, I have a single shot pistol with an energy transfer of my own design; I'm still building the Energy transferred pistol.

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    Lol, I was working on a functional DSR-1 with someone else. I had to stop working on it though because things were getting pretty busy in my life.

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