Knex Dagger




About: I am a kid that loves building things. I also like playing music on the piano.

Intro: Knex Dagger

This dagger is very strong, you can swing it very hard and it won't break. If you hit something with it, it might break. It is about a foot long. Overall it is a pretty good Knex dagger.

Step 1: Parts List


1-Light gray

18-White "snowflakes"

3-Brown 2-way


26-Small green


2-Green bendy

1-Tan ( long green stiff)


3-Small wheels

4-Blue spacers

40-Silver spacers

Step 2: The Blade

This will be the blade. If your having trouble leave a comment and I will try to help.

Step 3: The Hilt

Pic-1 Build this. It is three layers thick.

Pic-2 Another view.

Pic-3 Add the three wheels. They are on a white rod connected to the snowflake on layer two.

Step 4: Assembly

This is how the blade attaches. I removed the spacers to make it easier to see. I also removed the other brown connector to make it easier to see. You are done!



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