K'nex Death Bringer Slingshot Sniper V2

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After feedback about death bringer V1 (mainly about looks) I have spent some time improving it. It can shoot over 180ft and 70ft accuratly. In total there will 5 editions of this gun. 

Pros: Looks cool
         Shoots well
         simple yet strong trigger
        can shoot over 180ft and 70ft accuratly
         The stock is less of a skeleton!

Cons: Eats rubber bands for lunch
          Fairly piece consuming
           Will very rarely missfire

I hope you like my improved gun.  


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    Pretty good. I like the shape of it and the range is awesome :) It probably needs a better stock though, especially because its a long ranged gun.

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    Yeah lots of people have told me that the stock needs improving. It will be out in V3. Thanks for commenting and for being nice!