Knex Demolition Derby Truck

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There are not going to be instructions but I will give a full detail view if the truck. No glue was used to hold the truck together just pure Knex

Step 1: The Front "cab" Area

This area has a very sturdy bumper with a orange rod that is like a drive shaft to add support to the bumper. Next are the "exhaust pipes" they to add stability but are one of the weakest parts of the body. It has a slider that you can move to adjust how flexible the top of the exhaust pipes are

Step 2: The Middle "box" Area

In the box area the rods are spread wide enough to hold multiple hot wheels.

Step 3: The Back

The back is almost like the front because it has a bumper. The back is mostly flat except for the white connector where you can attach a trailer where you can "ship" bigger items

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