Knex Desert Eagle.





Introduction: Knex Desert Eagle.

Hello, this is my desert eagle. I've built it because I couldn't find any good looking DE here.
It works good, it looks good, but maybe it's too big and I think the handle is too slanted.
Overall, I think it's good enough to build it, I will post instructions very soon.



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    sorry for being rude, but this is not a desert eagle
    wrong front side
    no slides on the side like real one has
    blocky tiggerguard
    no underbarrel can(or what ever it is)

    nice. handle is too slanted, true, trigger guard isn't quite like the real one, and (a year ago i wouldn't have said this. now i am cause people have invented bolt "rams" check it out for instance, seleziona's skorpion) the ram sticking out the back is really annoying. but besides that, great work, and keep it up. the size is good and the barrel part looks great !

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    thanks, and you're totally right, I just liked it because it shot good so I posted, although it isn't the best replica

    Iffy means like not sure how great it is."the gun was great, but the barrel was iffy."Or not the best.

    Shoots pretty good: It has never jammed, and goes about 50-60 feet sure. Probably with fins even more, but I can't find a way to put a finned-rod in the barrel.