Knex Desert Eagle

Hi, this is my desert eagle. I built it because i couldn't find a long ranged d eagle that didn't have a weird looking ram sticking out the back when cocked. It doesn't look very realistic, (the barrel is too fat) but it is accurate and has long range. Should I post?

No annoying ram sticking out the back
Long range (30-35 ft with a good rubber band)
Comfortable grip
Can shoot white or blue rods
Very easy to make

Not very realistic
Firing pin occasionally gets stuck
Bullet can fall out the front  



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    Meh. It shouldn't be called a D. Eagle, as it doesn't look like one. The trigger is pretty interesting, but the rest is not that good, and this type of guns have already been made a lot. Take a look around the site to see what kind of k'nex guns are good now, and just keep building stuff, and your guns'll improve

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Just made it from the pics, i like and it has very good range, but it certainly isn't a replica.