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Introduction: Knex Desk Tidy

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A knex desk tidy. This is a platform with lots of compartments to hold all of your desk and school and office supplies, such as pencils, pens, cellotape, stapler, ect.

This desk tidy has a compartment for a stapler, felt pens/writing pens, pencils, cellotape and markers/highlighters. It is very handy to keep your desk clean, and it also looks pretty cool! It is a unique way to keep your desk tidy and clean, as well as it being creative and original.

This is also my second entry to the 'Back to school' contest here on Instructables, so be sure to vote for it if you like it! =)

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Step 1: The Main Base

This is the bit that holds all of the pens and pencils and whatever.

  1. Make this, note the white rods labelled. (other pictures are more views)
  2. Another view
  3. An upside down view
  4. Another upside down rotated view

Made that? Lets move on...

Step 2: Side Walls 1

These are the compartment walls that seperates the office supplies.


  1. Make this
  2. Line it up with the base like this
  3. Add it on here
  4. A close up of that connection
  5. Make this
  6. Line it up with the base here
  7. Attach it on here
  8. A close-up of that connection
  9. Another close-up
  10. Make this
  11. Line it up with the base like this
  12. Attach it on here
  13. Another view
  14. Another view
  15. Grab a red rod
  16. Put it here
  17. Make this
  18. Line it up with the base like shown
  19. Attach it like shown
  20. A close-up of that connection
  21. Make this
  22. Line it up with the base like so
  23. Attach it on here
  24. A close-up of that connection

That was a rather long step, but it was simple, eh? Lets move on to part 2 of the side walls.

Step 3: Side Walls 2

This is part 2 of the wall compartments.


  1. Make this
  2. Line it up with the base like so
  3. Attach it like so
  4. A close-up
  5. Make this
  6. Line it with the base as shown
  7. Attach it on here
  8. A close-up of that connection
  9. Make this
  10. Line it up here
  11. Attach it on here
  12. Another view
  13. Make this
  14. Line it up here
  15. Attach it on
  16. Another view
  17. Grab the red rod
  18. Attach it onto these connectors
  19. A close-up view

Now onto the cellotape holder!

Step 4: The Cellotape Holder

This is the cellotape holder that holds the cellotape.


  1. Make this
  2. Attach it in that gap there
  3. A close-up view
  4. What you should now have

Done that? Only one more simple step to go!

Step 5: The Stand

This is the simplest step. This stand is simple but it does the job. Feel free to modify it and make it bigger and stronger.
  1. Make this
  2. Attach it on the bottom of the base like so
  3. A close-up view

You are done! Congratulations.

Step 6: You Are Finished!

Hoorahhhh! You are finished.

I hope you like you desk tidy, have fun, and keep safe kids! (hehe)

I hope that you enjoyed building this little project, and if you like it, please post a comment saying so, and also please rate, comment, vote and subscribe! Thanks.

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