Knex Differential




Introduction: Knex Differential

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Hey guys, this is some little side project of my new knex ball machine, a differential!
So i thought, why not make a instruction for it?
Hope you guys'll like it!

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Step 1: The Side Gears

Step 2: The Other Gear

Step 3: Finishing the Box

Step 4: Done!

Yeah, this ible is a bit short, but it's been so long since my last ible, hope you still liked it!

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    53 Discussions

    Nice. I love how compact it is! Favorited. :-)


    2 years ago

    Nice little differential! I made it in 5 minutes. :P

    2 replies

    Sure! It was fun to make too :P

    actualy this can run. I try another differential model (in this site) same like yours, but it is smaller than yours, it runs.

    This is fantastic. I will use it in my knex emergency vehicle. Do you know of any smaller differentials?

    3 replies

    I do like it, and I just finished installing it into my semi truck but it isn't a perfect fit and I will have to perform some rather large modifications. Oh, well. If it comes to it, I can just invent my own. Oh, and thanks for your Rubik's cube tutorials. They really helped me out with the perplexing thing.

    Yeah you're back!!!!!!!!
    Feels good to touch some knex after a year without, isn't it? :P
    I'm already looking forward to your next ball machine, can't wait!

    4 replies

    Ha, thanks guys!
    It's just a bit hard to build without knex and I was in the US as an exchange student for a year - of cource without knex.
    And it was first of all wierd to touch knex and I was thinking: did I seriousley manage to make big ball machines? HOW???????? lol

    My main constraints are time and space...

    Seriously, I'm not making a joke there XD

    My problem is that i get too focused on ball machines and i hang down with the other things like school