K'nex Differential (Version 2)




Car differencial built from k'nex for k'nex vehicle by Forsterimages. Here is what your finnished diff. will look like. Also see version one.

Step 1: Parts Required

Here is a list of the parts you will need:

2 white connecters,
2 brown cog wheels,
2 grey cog wheels,
4 orange connecters,
4 yellow rods,
4 white rods,
8 silver spacers,
21 blue spacers,
12 black connecters,
1 yellow cog wheel,
some blue tack.

Step 2: Step One

Take the white connecters and attach four black connecters.

Step 3: Step Two

Take two of the yellow rods and attach a grey cog wheel and a blue spacer to each.

Step 4: Step Three

Take the navy rod rod and attach the two brown cog wheels to each end placing a grey spacer between them. Then place a blue spacer on each end and then some blue tack.

Step 5:

Take two of the orange connecters and and attach them to both ends of the part made in step three.

Step 6: Step Five

Take the parts made in steps one and two and place the yellow rod through the middle of the white connecter. Do this twice.

Step 7: Step Six

Take two red connecters and four black coonecters and attach them as shown. Do this twice.

Step 8: Step Seven

Take the part made in step four, four white rods and eight blue spacers, and attach them as shown.

Step 9: Step Eight

Take the parts made in steps five and six and a yellow rod and attach them as shown.

Step 10: Step Nine

Take the parts made in steps eight and seven and attach them as shown. Leave one grey and one blue spacer for the next step.

Step 11: Step Ten

Take the part made in step nine and place the yellow cog wheel over one of the yellow rods. Attach it to the nearest white connecter using a piece of wire.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The whells go on the yellow rods then it is driven from the yellow gear.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I found a way of holding the yellow gear on without the wire but it does require a broken rod.

    2011-03-20 23.09.58.jpg