K'nex Differential




Hello guys, I saw some differentials on instructables and I was interested so I made one :D

Please comment, it's my first Instructable and I don't know if I made too many instructions.



Step 1: Time to Count (Optional)

Parts needed:

  • 1 big yellow or black gear
  • 2 light grey gears
  • 2 grey gears
  • 2 little grey wheels
  • 8 blue spacers
  • 2 grey spacers
  • 1 orange connector
  • 2 yellow connectors
  • 4 blue connectors
  • 4 purple connectors
  • 6 white connectors
  • 1 little grey or purple connector
  • 4 beige connectors
  • 16 black connectors
  • 1 white rod
  • 6 blue rods
  • 12 yellow rods
  • 2 red rods
  • 2 cut grey rods (see the lenght in the image)

You can replace the second cut grey rod by 1 yellow rod if you don't want to cut your pieces but the first grey rod

must be cut.

Total: 78 pieces

Step 2: The Base

Assemble these pieces as shown to make the base.

Step 3: The System's Parts and Assembly

Follow these images to make all the system's parts

Make sure that you didn't forget some parts!

Step 4: Utility of a Differential

This video will explain you how the differential works and what's the utility of that.

Step 5: Precision, If Needed



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    2 years ago

    This is awesome! Excellent instructions and excellent first instructable!

    1 reply