Knex Dimitri A.T.R. (Anti Terrorist Rifle) X-1800

Introduction: Knex Dimitri A.T.R. (Anti Terrorist Rifle) X-1800

About: Hi. I've sold off about 99% of my k'nex, but I still come here to check in on instructables, every 2 weeks or so. I like seeing what's new in the k'nex, and also other sections. I may or may not post my K'n...

This gun is the heaviest on ive made so far, being 2 pounds.

High Range 55-70 Ft
Extreme power
Does Major Damage
Has a detachable Quadropod
Very Accurate
Looks a little liek a Dragunov
Very thick gun

Quad-pod is weak at the ball joint
Needs more power and range (avg range = 60 ft)

Double the range
Better looks

This gun can be used to blow the brains out of anyone!!! (Including Justin Bieber)



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    Post that too! You haven't posted many things recently. And it is the most realistic action I have seen. Where is the firing pin?

    Ok then could you make a nice looking break action shotgun that fires?Or a gun with a tubular mag that uses a lever or pump to load it but somthing else to cock it?