K'nex Dinobot Transformers Part 1: Grimlock and Strafe(Swoop)





Introduction: K'nex Dinobot Transformers Part 1: Grimlock and Strafe(Swoop)

About: I love knex and all the good stuff like robots and transformers. I'm male and looking for great knex ideas.

sorry I haven't posted for a long time but the computer was being stupid. I used the movie versions of the dinobots so please don't kill me if you hate Michal Bay.

Step 1: Grimlock's Body

Step 2: Grimlock's Face

Step 3: Grimlock's Legs

Step 4: Grimlock's Tail

Step 5: The Transformation of Grimlock

Yes...His tail is a club.

Step 6: Strafe's Body, Arms, and Legs

Step 7: Strafe's Legs

Step 8: The Transformation of Strafe

Step 9: Coming Soon...

Here are my plans for the next few instructables:

Dinobots Part 2: Snarl and Slug


Generations Lugnut Suggested by ismith25

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus Suggested by stonegill

Combination lock



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    This looks really cool, and good job on the instructions, the white backdrop is nice and the pictures are pretty clear. :)