K'nex Directional Mine Prototype Last Updated 09/10/2013




Still in the design phase my directional mine is capable of shooting up to 150 Micro Orange X-Rod Locks, 75 K'nex Blue Spacers, or 25 Standard Green Rods 50ft+. How you load it up or what you shoot is completely up to you. I will be posting up how to make the sling when I get more time and or when the design is further along. A few things I still have to work on is make retractable legs or some sort of retractable stand mechanism. I have spent most of my time getting it to shoot and function how I want it to so that hasn't been attempted as of yet. It uses 10+ size 64 rubber bands on the arms (I am currently using 12) and few more on the door catch and locking mech. Long story short it is a ton of fun to shoot and easy to reload. The only hard part is finding and picking up all of the pieces that you shoot. lol The firing mech can be hooked up to fishing line or sting to be tripped or it could be fired by pull cord either way works. The other idea was to use a K'nex remote to activate a motor to trigger the mine. I realize I am rambling but I am in a hurry lol Umm what else... I recommend you shoot either Micro Orange X-Rod Locks, blue spacers, green or white rods. realize the less you shoot at a time the faster and further it will shoot. Also realize that the fewer bands used will also play a significant part in the performance of your directional mine. I hope you like it have some fun and be safe! Be sure to post pictures and videos up as we continue to work on this project together in the future! I am excited to see how the final product will turn out!

Step 1: NEW! Easier to Trip "trigger" Mech Updated 08/19/2013

Highly improved trigger trip system just simply swap out the old and put in the NEW! Feel the difference. It is incredible how easy this mech is to set off!

Step 2: Safety Updated 08/21/2013

Step 3: Parts and Assembly



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    5 years ago

    This is Great! i really like the concept and will most definitely be building it soon! Do you think it would work with air soft ammunition? I have tens of thousands of those and I would much rather send them flying through the air on a chaotic crash course to never being seen again than my K'nex. :)

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    I actually did see this however I modeled my claymore after the airsoft claymore. His design is creative but nothing about it is the same other than the general idea. My claymore is much more robust and will shoot 100 Knex over 50ft to say the least. I mean hundreds of tube and pin Knex guns but I wouldn't consider them copies. Similar idea sure... Similar..... Not so much

    no problem I hope you can understand that. At the end of the day the car has been around for 100 years but I wouldn't compare a Model T from 1906 to a 2013 Ferrari. The idea of 4 wheels and and engine are the same but everything else is very very different.

    new video of my Direction Mine built with all new K'nex and shooting 150 K'nex Orange Micro X Rod Locks!

    Hey man I just finished it! The only part I can't build for now is the sling, because I'm out of packing tape. :( I'll get some soon. Otherwise it works great! I'll post a few pics here later. :) Thanks for a great build!

    It's very cool! I don't know what ranges it has for me yet because I still don't have tape... :( But it seems pretty powerful! It would be fun to wear one on your shirt and walk up to someone to use it! ;)

    Pic 1: Front, closed
    Pic 2: Front, open
    Pic 3: Back
    Pic 4: I added a band to the door, and used light grey connectors. It makes the door open more easily and not swing.

    Right now I only have four bands on, but I'll try more later. I still havent made the pouch thing yet... :(