K'nex Domino Seperator+Bonus (K'nex Ball Machine)




Introduction: K'nex Domino Seperator+Bonus (K'nex Ball Machine)

About: I have a YouTube channel where I do LEGO and K'Nex stuff but my instructables account is going to be pretty much just K'Nex. But still check out my YouTube channel! And I will keep posting new stuff so chec...

Step 1 watch the video

rip knex community



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    Yeah, me to, but the community could be bigger. I mean, look at it in 2008-2011! It was bubbling, about to explode, but then it just died. I think kids these days are just not into constructive things, but social media, video games, etc. It's also k'nex's fault: they need to advertise better, like Lego does, to get kids' attention who are under 9 or so, and GET RID OF MICRO AND BRICKS!! I'm sorry if you like those, but I feel like they ruined k'nex as we knew it, and made it what it is today, a small company only nerds (sorry, if you build k'nex majorly, you're a nerd to some degree) enjoy, instead of something that's cool and fun to do. It's sad to see a community that used to be so vivacious slowly start to die. We may be the last "generation" of k'nex builders. When you think of it that way, that makes it all the more sad: we're going to leave sometime, and when we do, more than likely there won't be anyone there to replace us.

    I agree, knex should advertise more. Knex are really good, but not enough people find out about them. Micro and bricks definitely should be removed. They aren't even fun to play with. Also most of the knex sets aren't even knex! Most knex sets, like this one, don't even use much knex.

    Knex are fun to play with, but the people who make them should try to make knex sell more.

    I know right? Now knex is a Lego ripoff. It's just unnerving.


    1 year ago

    Looks cool! Maybe I'm the only one left in the k'nex community. ;(

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    It does seem like a lot of people have left recently.... I'm still here but I haven't had the time to build in ages. :(

    Yeah, it's sad. I think Sandro is heading out of the community, which is a real bummer. :(

    Not Sandro :'( Almost everyone that was here when I started is gone/rarely posting (including myself)... I really need to start building again lol. Good to see you're still here and that there are still people posting in this community.

    Yeah and we'll see if Thibault and Shadowman keep building after their recent machines

    That's true. However I believe Shadowman has college and his machines to take years to make. He may also be on his way out. Similar to Thibault, his machines are really big and take time to make. But hopefully they'll stick around!

    yeah, shadowman is in college, so he may be "growing up" in a couple years, meaning he probably won't have enough time to be on ibles.
    As for Sandro, he's in college now too, so he's probably not going to post much (as evidenced by his lack of posts over the past couple months; nothing personal).

    I think Thibault will be making k'nex stuff for a long time to come, at least another year (hopefully)!

    didn't sandro say he got addicted to minecraft?

    nope, that was Shadowman (in his unfinished ball machine video). :)

    Yeah. Personally, I think Shadowman is on bus way out :( I thought I remember him saying that this would be one of his final machines. What happened to Nerfrock' and Hunter999? They were pretty active when I was posting more often, and now I haven't seen them.... college, I guess.

    One thing to me that hasn't changed is Inteuscyabkes featuring system...it still seems kinda messed up is some repects.

    The k'nex community is slowly dying a slow and painful death. People are slowly leaving but new people aren't coming around to fill their places.

    Nerfrocketeer left about 4 years ago (more or less), Hunter999...sudden death.

    'ibles' featuring system is messed up a little. It seems more of the major DIY projects are getting featured, which makes sense considering this is a DIY site, but there are lots of k'nex 'ibles that are crummy that get featured and good ones get overlooked. From past experiences, I learnt that 'ibles doesn't feature stuff on the weekend for some reason, meaning that an 'ible that you post on Monday will have a chance of getting featured, while one you post on Sunday won't.

    4 years?? Wow, it was that long ago? I really have been inactive. I need to start posting again, lol. Hopefully there's a revival soon.

    after checking his profile, nope, he posted something for christmas on december 6th or something, so he's not dead! Hooray! :D

    Nerfrock' or someone else? Also where did Sorunome go?