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Introduction: K'nex Double Barrel Bullpup Gun

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Hey everybody! Today here I have this awesome bullpup gun. I would call it a rifle, but it's not big enough to be a rifle in my opinion, yet too big for a pistol. But it functions just as good as both, seeing as it very rarely jams, and gets good range. It also features two barrels, meaning two bullets every time you shoot. Overall, the magazine can hold about 16 rounds. BUT since it fires two shots, I consider it to be an eight-round magazine. When you \think about it, that's actually not that much. But anyway, it gets a range of about 25-35 feet on average. The farthest shot I've gotten went to about 41 feet, (one bullet hit 39 ft., and the other hit 43 ft.). So, that said, let's go to the Pro's and Con's!




Double Barreled

Decent range 25-35 feet

VERY Sturdy

Looks Neat, (kind of like a box, but cool at the same time.)


Magazine is not removable, which makes it hard to load.

Hard to hold, just because it doesn't have a stock, yet can't be held like a pistol very easily.

Some people might think it looks weird.


That's it for this gun, I hope you like it! Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



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    13 Discussions

    it's an smg if it's not rifle ornpistol

    I don't get it, your guns are awesome but this has only got 60 views. I haven't got many, but I'll give you a shoutout on my next gun, because you deserve more views!

    But tell me if you want to.

    5 replies

    HA! Only problem is, I've got no clue what to build next.

    Any ideas? Actually this is for anyone who reads it, I was thinking a high power pin gun.

    Well, high power pin guns are hard to come by, so it would be nice to have another one...maybe you could make it a high powered shotgun?

    Yes, I made one before, very good trigger , very good barrel. However, the barrel was huge to fit in about 14 yellow rods, and so was the pin, this made it heavy, and this made it get bad range, so although I'll probably make one at some point, for a long range gun though, I'll make a sniper

    You should! I thought this was going to be so hard, but I ended up being able to do it in a couple hours. It'd be cool to see your spin on it.