K'nex Double Barrel Shotgun: M-37 Falcon





Introduction: K'nex Double Barrel Shotgun: M-37 Falcon

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I've been playing a fair bit of Mass Effect and the M-37 Falcon... lots of fun.  So, naturally, I made one.  I made it a shotgun rather than a grenade launcher because, let's face it, K'nex grenades are utterly useless.  It's still fun as hell to shoot.  As you can probably tell from the picture, I made a generic but very effective turret design, and threw pieces at it until it looked sort of like a Falcon.  No, it's not perfect, but it's a good middle ground between aesthetics and function.  It's nearly a metre long and weighs 3.5kg ( about 8 lbs).



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    Cool waiting for instructions ;)

    Wow, looks like the best looking K'NEX gun ever made! Must have taken a while to make! Favorited.

    another thing i have to ask, i've seen this turret for knex guns everywhere, where does this blpody thing come from? i've always wanted to build it into my own guns but could never find it

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    Do I dare to say post?
    Yes, I dare. POST
    Or post some internal pictures.

    I was wondering, does the size of the turret barrel decrease the range? As the the red rod must move completely through a full row of grey connectors, and a bullet lock. Does that create enough friction to have a noticable effect on the range/speed of the bullet?
    Anyways, it looks epic, and very intimidating!

    Waddledaddledoo! Now I'm flabbergasted. You sir, have too much K'nex, time and creativity.
    Maybe you can add some more details such as the range, ammo and pros and cons.

    Apart from that, OUTSTANDING

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    None of that detail is particularly definite, but I guess I'll indulge you.

    Range: Maybe 60 Feet. It's basically a SwagBoss mechanism that you can't use
    fins with.

    Ammo: Anything the same size or shorter than a red rod, as can clearly be seen.

    Pros: It's big, fires twice per cock, decent range and power, and makes a
    damn good melee weapon if you get bored of shooting.

    Cons: Some people would call it cumbersome and impractical, but those
    people tend to be boring and lifeless. It is what it is designed to be;

    How so? It'd probably be more effort to fake it than to just make the damn thing in the first place.