Knex Double- Decker- What- The- Hecker Pinball Machine Instructions




My first instructable. Before you move on, if you don't have at least 5000 pieces turn away but for those who do, I give you the Knex Double Decker What The Hecker Pinball Machine! This large 8x16 blue rod structure sized project includes these elements:

(The 4th picture shows where they are.)

Double-paired flippers

plunger with automatic ball loader

block gate (prototype, won't always work)

gate resetter (prototype, won't always work)

lift wheel(already been invented by whoever I give credit to)

scoring mechanism (ratchet based)

two play floors

If you really want a challenge involving long building processes and high piece amounts, then enjoy this instructable. If you have any questions regarding step clarity, let me know and I answer you(almost immediately). For now, this will be my only instructable. Enjoy! Please rate!

I've also took the pictures with a canon HD video camera so the pictures came out crystal clear, clear enough to be manageable as a pdf instructable. The pictures are over 2000x3000 in size and are over 950 Mb's worth of uploading. 

Below is a video showing how to play it and also some of the bugs this design still has in it.

Step 1: The Big Piece Count

This may take you a while. Also, micro knex black gears and chain links will be used. 


grey- 11

red- 42

yellow- 375

blue- 1087

white- 739

green- 882


white- 262

blue 3d- 451

purple 3d- 533

yellow- 144

red- 179

orange- 129

grey- 138

light grey- 11

green- 51

gold tubing connectors- 76


medium tire rim- 5

medium tire tread- 1

small tire- 1

red gear- 3

blue gear- 3

grey electric motor- 1

purple flexi rod- 2

9- hole panel- 3

little triangle panel- 3

3- hole triangle panel- 7

orange flexi rod- 14

small square panel- 1

gold tubing splice- 10

blue spacer- 141

silver spacer- 234

tan lock- 40

blue clip- 20

y- clip- 29

black rod- 8

tan rod- 2

rubber bands- 12

micro knex black gear- 3

micro knex chain link- 45

knex balls- 3



Step 2: Lower Framework, Plunger Path, and Ball Collect Ramp

This step is the first longest step in the project. The dollar bills refer to the position of the area of the part. Look carefully at each picture. 

Step 3: Lower Play Area, Lift Passage, and Drop Gate Pully System Tires

The second longest step. Take your time and carefully attach step 2 to 1 which is difficult.

Step 4: Legs

Now let's build the legs.

Step 5: Drop Gate Pully System

I would recommend thinner string for smoother movement. You will be working under the model so be careful.

Step 6: Upper and Lower Flipper Systems

This step is a little tricky. Look at the pictures very carefully.

Step 7: The Plunger

A short step.

Step 8: Ball Release System

My favorite part in the whole model. Follow the pictures carefully.

Step 9: Upper Play Area

Another piece consuming step but the last of them.

Step 10: Lift System

Now things get mechanical!

Step 11: Play Area Walls

Very important pieces! Attaching these walls may be a little tricky so try not to push too hard when snapping them onto the play area. You don't want to damage the play areas because it is very difficult to get under it to repair it.

Step 12: Motor and Gearbox

A complicated step. Look at the pictures carefully.

Step 13: Scoring Mechanism

The cool bit that keeps score which works like a ratchet. You will also need scissors, a sharpie, strip of paper, and scotch tape.

Step 14: Orange Ramp

The almost impossible to hit ramp.

Step 15: Rubber Band Bumpers

Yay, the last step!

Step 16: A Few More Tips Before You Play

You are done! Just a few more tips on how to play. Scoring is done when the ball reaches the score chute and a point will be awarded. The ball will shoot back down to the bottom play area and the process is repeated seven more times until you reach 8. The red connectors mentioned earlier in the motor section controls the reset sequence of the drop gate. This is normal mode. Remove them for easy mode which will disable the drop gate from blocking the lift passage. If the drop gate doesn't fully lock when reset, adjust the string attaching it to the motor section. Same situation goes for the ball release system. Have fun!



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11 months ago

where can I get knexs ball. Can you please tell me? Thx


12 months ago

I'm making it.


2 years ago

I am going to make this after I get more k'nex from big ball factory for Christmas. NICE!! : Q


3 years ago

And is the tan lock the same as a tan clip. Last thing sorry


3 years ago

And what's the gold tubing splice, y-clip, tubing. And where can I get the knex balls. Thanks


3 years ago

On the piece count, what is gold tubing connectors. Are they the tan clips? Can I s a picture

knex akbar

4 years ago on Introduction

I only have around 950 blue rods and 420 purple connectors, is there any easy way I can decrease the number of those pieces required?

Just a quick question: How does the ball activate the scoring counter, and does it rotate by rubber bands or weight alone, or something else? (I'm brainstorming for a secret project and I'm looking at the various scoring mechanisms I can find, any help is appreciated!)

2 replies

5 years ago on Introduction

Haha! Knex Double- Decker- What- The- Hecker Pinball Machine Instructions!