Knex Drag Boat




Introduction: Knex Drag Boat

About: Hey people I'm making a new knex sniper it's not going to be a model like prodo123's Sr-70 it's just a make up

My Drag Boat

Step 1: Rear Spoiler

First Build the Rear Spoiler.

Step 2: Main Front Body

Now build The front bit

Step 3: Center Part

Now build the center part

Step 4: Engine

Now build the engine

Step 5: Back Part (1)

Now build the back part

Step 6: Back Part (2)

Make This

Step 7: Bendy Rods

get 2 bendy rods (big)

Step 8: Putting It Together,,,

okay here goes

Step 9: Finished




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    this is a set i know because i have it all you did was put bendy pieces for the front instead of red connectors,purple/silver 3d connectors, and green rods, not to say the mods aren't cool though

    orrrrrrr i have ran out of the pink things

    It needs a push but you could put a motor on t but,, i wouldnt advise t electricity and water dont mix

    i actually made a boat that had a motor on the back ( not made of knex) and it still runs just fine but it has been in water at least 20 times

    maybe but it might need to be more watertight like filling in the front and swapping rods for panels underneath it, then it might float better or float at all, i might just try this, so ill post my findings! :)

    i mean that it might need more pieces at the front so less water can get in and to swap the rods at the bottom essentialy the chassis for pannels

    At The End Clip The bendy rods into the 2 way connectors and then the bandy shot rod coming out into the 8 connector nearest the front it should bend up slightly :)

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