Knex Drum Stick Holder




Introduction: Knex Drum Stick Holder

About: I'm a huge 'nexer. i love to build all kind of things with k'nex. So... yeah. Check out all my instructables and my video of my K'NEX helicopter.

This is my knex drum stick holder!! If you can, try and build it from the pictures provided. If you need help building, feel free to ask me for help.

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Thank you,
Crazy_Knex _K1d13



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    ok this is not meant to be mean!: 1. i dont play drums except on GH which i cant play anymore right now till i get a new xbox 360 cuz mine got jacked(not explaining how) 2. i made this to show off my drum sticks which i bought on a end of the school year trip to Boston in May from a Hard Rock Cafe in Boston.

    cuz the amin. said it didnt have enough info or pictures of me making it so it told me to make it into a slide show but you can still (hopefully) make it from the pictures provided.