Knex Dual Darkhearts (ROBLOX)

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Intro: Knex Dual Darkhearts (ROBLOX)

I'M BACK! After my previous ible, I've had some grieving times. But now, i'm back and better than ever. This time, i have the Dual Darkhearts from ROBLOX. You can basically tell that those Darkhearts are not "dark". Anyways, the Darkhearts look awesome! Now for the Pros and Cons:


+ Good looks

+ Better design


- Everytime you swing it hard, the handle breaks

- The tip breaks

Overall Rating:


So, if you guys want instructions, build from the pics. This is the first ROBLOX related k'nex model. And as always guys. PEACE!

-OfficialKNEXGUY (follow me!)

BTW Here are my other ibles if you want to check them out!



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    Hello again! I apologize if you can't see the first pic.

    Thanks anyways!