Knex Eclipse Marble Machine Instructions

I'm back! I decided to make a Marble Run for the fun of it and I liked what I came up with so here you go! This is not my own design though, I found this on youtube a long time ago and liked the belt design.

It's no big thing but sometimes less is more, just hope you have enough dark-grey connectors!


I'm also using a different camera.

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Step 1: Piece Count

Coming soon!

Step 2: Base

That's what it is!

Step 3: Main Supports

Time for the first big step!

Step 4: Motor and Guide-Tires

I use green motors because it's convenient for my fellow builders.

Step 5: Lift Belt

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to put this thing on. I'll try to give you a good way to do this.

Take half of the support structure off and put the belt on that way but it won't be easy. Trust me, it feels so good when you get past this step.

Step 6: Path Selector

This was pretty hard to design.

Step 7: Path 1

My favorite path.

Step 8: Path 2

Final step!

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17 Discussions

Hey knexpert, can you make a piece count for this marbles machine. all i get was "lets hope you have enough dark grey connectors" WHY!?!?!?!

1 reply

Got another coming with a new lift idea:D

I've been kind of lazy and unmotivated lately but now I think I broke the pattern. I just needed some time to refresh my ideas especially after ballbuster.

Can't wait. I thought Echo was pretty good. I tried to build it, then ran out of peices. After that, I started building my own things.


4 years ago on Introduction

This looks a lot like a marble machine I saw on Youtube a while back haha, good job rebuilding and making the instructions though.

3 replies

I think ive seen the machine you're thinking of as well, was it this:

This instructable is pretty cool, I've always liked these mini machines.

That's exactly what I was trying to do! Where did you find this video? I thought the video got deleted. Oh well, not completely my own design but I sure love the belt design:D


4 years ago on Introduction

Hello Knexpert,

I made the machine, thank you very much.

Can you help to make a more advance marble machine like the one in this video?

knex akbar

4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for making instructions! if I had the dark grey connectors I would totally build this :(