Knex F-16 Falcon





Introduction: Knex F-16 Falcon

This is the F-16 Fighting Falcon

You will need the following pieces:

-White: 6
-Yellow: 17
-Green: 3
-Red: 7
-Orange: 16
-Dark Gray: 18
-Tan: 5

-Gray: 9
-Red: 1
-Yellow: 7
-Blue: 18
-White: 27
-Green: 9

Step 1: The Engine

Connecting these gray rods is a pain. As you add more gray rods to the connectors, they'll become increasingly harder to push in.

I found it easier if you first have the three connectors (white & yellow) all at one end, lay them onto the floor, and then push the gray rods down into them. When you are done, you can spread these connectors out.

Step 2: The Upper Part of the Fuselage

Create the upper fuselage as shown, and then insert the gray rod into the two holes of the yellow connectors.

Step 3: Connect the Upper Fuselage to the Engine

All you need to do for this step is connect the bottom gray rod of the upper fuselage onto the white connector of the engine. The fuselage will now be on top of the engine.

Step 4: Finish Up the Fuselage

Connect these two parts onto the fuselage. Make sure to fold the yellow connectors in.

Step 5: Create the Tail and the Exhaust

Step 6: Connect the Tail to the Fuselage

Connect the green connector of the tail to the blue rod of the fuselage.
Connect the yellow connector of the tail to the gray rod of the fuselage.
Connect the white connectors of the tail to the white rods of the fuselage.

Also, on the underside, connect the blue connectors of the tail to the orange connectors of the fuselage.

Step 7: The Wings

Create the wings and then connect them to the fuselage.

Step 8: The Nose - Part 1

Create the nose piece as shown.

Now connect the nose piece to the fuselage by inserting the gray rod of the fuselage through the orange connector of the nose-piece, and the white rods of the fuselage through the gray connectors of the nose-piece.

Also, connect a tan connector to the gray rod. This will prevent the red connector underneath from sliding to the side.

Step 9: The Nose - Part 2

Insert the gray rod through the red connector of the nose, and then connect the end of the gray rod into the orange connector of the fuselage.

Let the gray rod rest on top of the yellow connector. Do not connect them together.

Step 10: The Cockpit

Connect the red connector onto the gray rod of the nose-piece.

Next, insert the blue rod of the cockpit through that red connector, and then connect the orange connector into that blue rod to close it up.

Finally, align the cockpit so that it stands up straight.

We're finished! Hope you had fun making this jet, and please remember to rate :D

Step 11: The Completed F-16 Falcon

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So helpful, great instructions! Thank you.

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i`v just finished building it is SO AWESOME. you are like the
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an easier way to connect the gray rods is start with the bottom piece