Knex FN FAL V.2

About: My name is iby, i like COD, rainbow six siege, football (soccer in america), hockey, rounders and of course knex, my birthday is 17th of November. i make things out of knex, mainly guns but some marble mazes...

Intro: Knex FN FAL V.2

Hey guys this is my KNEX FN FAL V.2 . With out further a due let's look at the stats.

Shoots pretty far (60-80 ft)
Strong internals
Realistic sighs
Good looks
Sturdy stock
Comfortable handle
Comfortable foregrip

Kinda heavy
Requires a few cut peices (see picture six)
The handle should be in a lower position (due to lack of peices)
Very piece consuming (it used up all my green rods)


Step 1: The Body, Internals and Handle

This step is pretty simple

Step 2: The Magazine

Step 3: Extras

In this step you will add some extras



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