Knex Fallout 3/New Vegas Sniper Rifle

About: Hey guys, my name is Alex, I come from America in the state of Ohio. I like to build things out of Knex and I do Airsoft, perfect combination. I am also know as Krieger to most people, it is like my callsign...

This is my Knex Sniper Rifle model based off of the .308 caliber sniper rifle from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. It does NOT shoot but can be easily modded to shoot if wanted. This is my first instructables and criticism  of all kinds is accepted so long as it is not offensive.

Removable Magazine
Mag Release (credit to dr. richtofen)
Fake Charging Handle
Bipod (credit to verypoopy)
Decent Size
Relatively Low Piece Count (especially for its size)

Doesn't shoot (not necessarily a bad thing)
Handle could be a little bit larger
Requires five (5) broken white rods
Needs two (2) bendy white rods unless you want to bend some regular ones.

Picture Description (in order of appearance)
1: My Rifle
2: The Rifle from Fallout 3
3: FPS view
4: ADS view
5: The Magazine
6: Bipod Closed/Collapsed
7: Bipod Open
8: The Charging Handle
9: Size Comparison with my G&G M4

Sorry if the pics are bad but i only had the camera on my iphone to use.




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like it. As said before the stock could use some work though


    Looks pretty good! The stock could use some work, but the body and barrel look good.